English/Spanish ISBN 9781683040002

Sand Dollar, Sand Dollar, my very first fiction picturebook of long ago has just been released in dual-language paperback versions by Bab’l Books, Inc., Boston. It has been translated into Spanish, French, Portuguese, Vietnamese, Tagalog and in February it will be released in German. How cool is that?

I love the idea of reaching out to bilingual kids.  And it represents a new publishing paradigm that uses crowd-sourced translations and print on demand publishing to generate good paperback versions.


English/Vietnamese ISBN 978168304118

I am also excited since the book’s hidden message is environmental – that we need to act responsibly toward nature to keep things in balance. That’s especially important right now.


English/Portuguese ISBN 9781683040101

The mission of Bab’l Books, Inc. is to provide dual language books to kids ages 3-7. Admirable, don’t you think?


English/Tagalog ISBN 9781683040125


English/French ISBN 9781683040095